Leadership Series

On Thursday, September 22, 2016 the San Diego community had the opportunity to attend the USS Midway/Blue Angels Foundation Keynote Breakfast and Leadership Seminar Presented by Konica Minolta in support of wounded veterans, being held on board the USS Midway.

The historic USS Midway is one of America's longest-serving aircraft carriers. The USS Midway Museum includes more than 60 exhibits with a collection of 29 restored aircraft and two flight simulators. It not only honors the legacy of those who have served America but is a resource for those in uniform today.

Through a partnership with CATSHOT Group and NFS Leadership Consulting, the Blue Angels Foundation is able to offer its unique leadership series either in conjunction with either of our golf events or by scheduling an event at your corporate location.

To learn more, email us at info@blueangelsfoundation.org.


Born out of techniques taught in elite fighter pilot school (Topgun) and using team-building strategies from the Blue Angels, CATSHOT Group brings audiences face-to-face with how combat training and business performance are synonymous for building organizations that are bred for victory.

Since its inception, CATSHOT Group has helped clients reach their goals through innovation, executive leadership transformation, and building cultures that win. CATSHOT Group accomplishes that by focusing on creating cultures of extreme performance: organizational excellence, individual performance and powerful visions. Topgun and Blue Angel proven techniques and strategies are the foundation of their methodology. Their programs are fit for individuals and teams in any level of your organization. They provide the critical navigation that accelerates your ability to win!

CATSHOT Group has multiple solutions to serve clients who are looking for innovation and transformation from a proven methodology:

Business Innovation Program

  • Reach the top of your industry by building organizational DNA for relentless innovation.
  • Leverage Topgun and Blue Angel training platforms that build a culture to win. 
  • The result: A team that HAS to win.

Executive Transformation Program

  • Building a culture of excellence starts at the top.
  • Put your leadership team in their own cockpit and take them through an edge-of-the-seat journey designed to test their will & accelerate their ability to elevate your team’s performance.

Keynotes & Workshops

  • Building a Culture to Win: How Topgun and the Blue Angels Culture Inspire Lasting Success
  • Transformative Performance: How Topgun Changed the Game …and How to Change Yours!

About CATSHOT'S Founder, Rob Ffield

“I believe in giving actionable tactics and tools that ensure innovation and transformation. You won’t get just theory from me, but proven methodology that I use every day.”  – Rob Ffield

Rob “Ice” Ffield’s passion for performance and pursuit of perfection led to an unprecedented string of naval career milestones, which included two tours as an air-combat instructor at the Navy’s prestigious Navy Fighter Weapons School, Topgun; selection to lead the Navy Flight Demonstrations Squadron, The Blue Angels; and combat tours while in command of a strike fighter squadron and carrier air wing.

Throughout Rob’s career, his relentless search for building winning strategies, tactics, and cultures led to numerous advances in air combat including his development and refinement of Topgun’s night fighter tactics, which were critical to the Navy’s Gulf War success. His research and lecturing on training excellence provided the initial inspiration for a core group of visionary fighter pilots and instructors who fundamentally reinvented Topgun’s curriculum into the highly heralded program used today.

Following his passion for creating cultures of excellence, Rob founded CATSHOT Group, which is named for the Navy’s catapult shot that launches aircraft from aircraft carriers.

Rob has spoken at multiple events and corporations, where he is always a top-rated speaker and often asked to return.

"Rob’s thrilling examples of how the world’s elite performers build extreme-high-performance personal and organizational cultures to win kept us at the edge of our seats and gave us methodologies we immediately implemented.  We have already seen positive results in our 63-year record of sustained superior performance. Rob’s books are a great supplement to his presentation—they go beyond just theory.  You can use them to immediately improve your personal performance and your team’s." –Bob Smyth, Kroger Foods

NFS Leadership Consulting with Captain George Dom

Imagine six FA-18 fighter pilots – four flying together in perilouslyclose aerobatic formations while two solo pilots conduct a series of violent maneuvers with near head-on collisions at 1,000 knots of closure – operating in complete unison, literally placing their lives in each others hands every day throughout the year. This extreme performance occurs safely, up-close and personal, below the skyscrapers, down at treetop level, in front of millions of spectators. Buffeted by winds and dealing with hot summer afternoon squalls, these six pilots – and their traveling support team – push their limits every day: growing, learning, adapting, seeking perfection. Now realize that three of the pilots are in their rookie season and the other three are in their second and final season – 50% annual turnover – preserving over 66 years of legendary Blue Angel excellence while demonstrating the pride and professionalism of U.S. Navy and Marine Corp Aviation.

Next, imagine a 28-year old Navy FA-18 jet pilot commencing a night afterburner catapult launch from an aircraft carrier half-way across the globe, rendezvousing with twenty-five other tactical jets and support aircraft from the ship as well as shore-based USAF and allied squadrons for a mission against formidable enemy anti-aircraft defenses. Accelerating to supersonic speeds, the pilots fly lights-out formations with night-vision goggles, concentrating on fulfilling their tactical contracts/mission responsibilities with to-the-second timing. They sanitize the airspace up to 40 miles ahead while acquiring their targets on the ground using a variety of sensors – this is multi-tasking and teamwork on steroids!

This particular team of professionals came together rapidly to study, plan, and complete their assignment – then will reorganize and innovate again and again with various U.S. and allied organizations, afloat and ashore, continuously adapting, collaborating and executing to get superior results – all based on an uncommon level of trust. How do they do it?

The secret of the success of the Blue Angels, their Naval Aviation colleagues flying off aircraft carriers, and other military and civilian high-performance teams is more than having The Right Stuff, it’s about developing a high level of trust and focused engagement – the foundations for superior achievement. And the principles to achieve high-trust are universally applicable to all relationships, at-work and at-home.

With high-trust, relationships are strong, resilient, open, honest, and candid. There is excitement, respect, creativity, passion, and accountability. There is conflict – but it isn’t personal. Because it’s not about scoring political points, it’s about the team getting better. If your team has developed a culture of high-trust, it is on a path toward unsurpassed excellence and sustainable achievement. Trust is a truly decisive advantage!

Join George Dom, former Commanding Officer/Flight Leader of the Blue Angels to:

  • Understand why HIGH-TRUST LEADERSHIP is critical to individual and organizational high performance
  • Discover the core ingredients in achieving HIGH-TRUST in individuals and organizations
  • Develop an individual action plan to apply the lessons of HIGH-TRUST to your most important relationships

About NFS Leaderships' Founder, George Dom

George Dom is a former naval officer and aviator with a career that included key leadership positions in high performance organizations, including four aircraft carrier fighter squadrons and commander of the air wing of the USS John F. Kennedy. He also was an instructor/pilot at the Navy Fighter Weapons School (Topgun) and commanding officer/flight leader of the Blue Angels. After leaving active duty, he became a consultant and leader in business aviation. In addition to speaking to corporations and organizations throughout the U.S. and abroad, George currently manages a large corporate jet flight department for Solairus Aviation in San Jose, CA.

In Dom's words, "Flying fighter jets in training and combat in the unforgiving environment of an aircraft carrier at sea — as well as high-speed and very low altitude formation acrobatics — was a unique thrill and privilege. But what gave me the greatest lasting satisfaction was helping to build high performance leaders and teams. or an organization like the Navy where there is no 'lateral entry' (we couldn’t hire a squadron commander from the business world) leadership development was not just the key to success, but crucial to survival."

Achieving individual and collective high performance requires High-Trust Leadership and Focused Engagement. This is true in sports, the military, medical teams, and in the business world. Through daily, deliberate, intentional effort, a culture of high-trust and fully engaged “wingmen” can be developed at all levels. A high-trust team is a “force-multiplier” achieving results exponentially greater than the sum of the individuals.

Dom founded NFS Leadership Consulting to help leaders improve their individual and organizational success through High-Trust Leadership and Focused Engagement. As a former coach with the Human Performance Institute, he can share the science behind developing what Dr. Jim Loehr refers to as Full Engagement: “the acquired ability to intentionally invest your full and best energy right here, right now.”